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Put the phone down and drive.

About Drive Smart

The Drive Smart Nebraska (DSN) coalition is dedicated to eliminating injuries and deaths on Nebraska roads through a collaboration of public and private partners that promote and carry out road safety policies and activities.

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Fatalities in a passenger vehicle were unbuckled in the car crash.


of fatal motor vehicle crashes, in Nebraska, involve an impaired driver.

drivers, in Nebraska, were involved in a distracted driving crash (5 year average)


Nebraska drivers wear their seatbelts when driving.

Thumbs up for safe driving.

One second can change a lot.
So keep your phone stowed and eyes on the road.

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You can help in 2 ways. First, Spread the Word on social media and to your friends. Then, check out our toolkits to see how you can use them in your community.

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Absolutely not. Please share and use how you like to further the word!

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We’ll help the best we can. We want to support free material anytime we can. Just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!

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