National Teen Driver Safety Week: October 21-27.

Drive Smart Nebraska and the Highway Safety Office are focusing on teen driver safety. The top rules teen drivers need to follow to stay safe behind the wheel are; No Alcohol, Always Buckle Up, Distracted and Drowsy Driving = Danger, No Speeding and Multiple Passengers should be avoided.

We want to invite you to join parents and teens across the state, October 21st through the 27th , during National Teen Driver Safety Week. Teens driving is a new chapter and a step closer toward indndependance, but the road can be bumpy!

Help make sure your friends are safe drivers – your influence could save their lives. Here are a few good tips:

  • If you have a provisional driver’s license, be sure you are aware of the restrictions and follow the GDL laws set for Nebraska( No cell phone use, $200.00 fine, all occupants must wear a seat belt, POP can only transport one passenger, POP shall not drive from midnight – 6 AM (unless to or from school activities or work).

Remember the Rules of the Road

  1. No Drinking and Driving. Drinking before the age of 21 is illegal throughout the state and the US.
  2. Buckle Up – Every Trip, Every Time. It is the most important 2 seconds of your life when you buckle up. No matter how far or how short the trip and make sure every passenger is buckled too – his or her life is your responsibility.
  3. Phone down and Eyes on the Road. You have one job -just drive. Place your phone out of reach and remember distracted driving is not limited to just the phone. Let passengers adjust the radio or the climate controls.
  4. Follow Posted Speed limit. Speeding is a critical issue for all drivers, especially for teens who lack experience to react to changing circumstances: traffic, road surfaces, weather, etc.
  5. With each passenger in the vehicle, your risk of a deadly crash goes up. If you have a school permit, you may only transport a family member. Those holding a provisional operator permit (POP) are limited to one passenger younger than 19 who is not an immediate family member, for the first 6 months.
  6. Avoid Driving Drowsy. It can be easy to lose track of time while doing homework or participating in clubs or sports, but driving drowsy could be deadly. Always make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you get behind the wheel.
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