Stay Alert in Work Zones

As the multiple work zone and roadside crashes piled up in 2017, we all became concerned for our fellow Nebraskan’s. In 2017, work zone crashes in Nebraska increased 66% from 2011. In fact, there were over 900 work zone crashes in 2017 alone. The more we looked into this, the more we realized something had to be done to draw attention to the issue.
Safety tips for the driver:

  • Stay alert and minimize distractions
  • Keep your headlights on
  • Pay attention to the road, it may narrow and watch for merging traffic
  • Maintain a minimum three second gap
  • Follow the posted speed limits, fines double when workers are present
  • Expect the unexpected, vehicles may slow or stop abruptly
  • Most of all – Be Patient

There is good news. In 2018, the fatalities in work zones decreased 60% when compared to the previous five years even with additional crashes.

This Spring/Summer make an effort to “Give ’em a brake” when you see workers in a construction zone or on the side of the road. They have families and friends that want to see them at the end of the day. Keep our communities strong and drive alert.

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