Bicycle Safety Month, May 2020

Biking is fun, healthy, and a great way to get around and be independent. Remember, your bike is a vehicle, not a toy!

Some bike crashes can cause serious injuries and most are related to the behavior of you (the bicyclist) or the motorist. You can take several steps to be safe on the road. Most important is always wear your bike helmet!

Other steps to take are:

  • The seat should be adjusted to the proper height and locked in place
  • Make certain all parts are secure and working properly
  • Check that the tires are inflated properly
  • Make sure the bike is equipped with reflectors on the rear, front, pedals and spokes
  • Wear neon, fluorescent or other bright clothing
  • Whenever possible, ride during the day
  • If you must ride at night, wear reflective clothing and use flashing lights

Make sure to grab your helmet when you ride and enjoy National Bike Month. Join all of the cycling enthusiasts across the country and celebrate the many benefits of cycling!

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