Safe Work Zones for All, April 20 -24, 2020

Work zones are a necessary part of the life cycle of our streets, roads, and highways. They provide a safe area for workers and a safe route for road users around needed roadwork activity (construction, maintenance, utility). Although work zones play a critical role, they can also be a major cause of congestion and delay.

Every spring, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and its partners sponsor National Work Zone Awareness Week, to bring attention to motorist and worker safety and mobility issues in and around work zones. Crashes in and around work zones impact everyone. We must protect workers. We must protect road users. We must have safe work zones for all – we can do it!

Tips when navigating work zones: Wear your seat belt, stay focused and be prepared to stop, slow down and maintain a healthy gap, obey road crews and signs, watch for workers as you drive, use caution around large equipment, be aware of drivers, crews and any first responders. #StaySafeSaveLives

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