Secure Your Load, June 6, 2020

Unsecured loads cause harmful road debris. A study by the AAA Foundation for Safety found that $11.5 billion is spent on litter in America and it’s estimated that 20 to 40% of that is from unsecured loads.

Founder Robin Abel, secureyourload, spoke to the importance of everyone taking the time to check their loads before they get on the road. She said, “We put on our seat belts and fasten our children in car seats so why is it that we think it’s OK to leave anything loose in the bed of our trucks and risk endangering others on the road? A 20-pound object at 55 MPH has a force of 1,000 pounds at impact.” We must all check our loads and double check; a life might just depend on it.

Motorists can follow these tips to keep their loads secure:
·      Securing loads with proper ropes, netting, or straps.
·      Securing large objects directly to the vehicle or trailer.
·      Covering the entire load with a tarp or netting.
·      Checking to ensure the load is secure after it’s been secured.

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