Share the Road

With warmer temperatures, you will be seeing more motorcyclists on the road both day and night. So as drivers, we all want to keep an eye out for each other on the road.

Because of its narrow profile, a motorcycle often is easily hidden in a car’s blind spots, masked by objects outside a car, or difficult to see as light and/or weather conditions change.

Oftentimes, a motorist does not see a motorcyclist as it approaches; it could be difficult to avoid colliding with them. Always be prepared to “Share the Road” with motorcyclists to prevent a collision.

  • Check your blind spot before you make your turn.
  • Remember it is often hard to see a motorcyclist at dawn and dusk.
  • Drivers often underassess a motorcyclist’s distance, caution is better when passing through an intersection. This will significantly decrease the odds of a collision.
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