Winter Weather Driving, Are You Ready?

Nebraska weather changes every 24 hours, we all know that! But are you prepared for winter weather driving conditions? Drivers should be prepared to slow down for rain, ice and snow and leave a larger gap (at least 5 seconds) between you and the car ahead.

It is always good to let others know where you are headed and then let them know you arrived safely – this is a good rule no matter what the weather but even more important now as it gets dark earlier and temperatures drop.

Make sure you and your family members, that drive, ALL have a winter weather safety kit in their car. Items to put in that kit include:

  • Protein snack bars
  • Water
  • Extra winter clothing
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Blanket
  • Flashlight and cell phone battery charger
  • Ice scraper and de icer
  • Brightly colored ribbon to tie onto the car when stranded
  • Hand sanitizer, wipes and disposable masks COVID19 precautions

Make sure your tires are properly pressurized, your vehicle always has a half tank of gas too. Take time to plan your route before you leave and check Nebraska 511 online or call 511 for current road conditions.  Use Star *55 on your cellular phone to report a motorist in need of assistance or if you need to report a reckless or impaired driver to the Nebraska State Patrol. Pull over to a safe location to make the call or ask a passenger to call *55. Always #BuckleUp

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