Please Don’t Drink and Drive This Holiday Season

The holidays are here. This year they may look a little different, but one thing remains the same, celebrations across the state will include alcohol. MADD Nebraska reminds you that even just one cup of holiday cheer can impair your ability to drive. So, to keep your holiday happy and safe we encourage all drivers – this holiday season and always – to plan ahead for a safe ride if their festivities include alcohol.

             From 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Eve through New Year’s Eve 2018, 1,068 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes, 29% of all traffic deaths. In addition, a new study by NHTSA shows an alarming increase in the presence of alcohol and other drugs among traffic crash victims during the COVID-19 pandemic.

             “Here at MADD we believe the best gift you can give your family for the holidays this year is peace of mind. By planning ahead for a designated non-drinking driver before celebrations begin you protect yourself, your family and others on our state’s roadways,” said Andrea Frazier, MADD Nebraska Program Manager. “If we all commit to a non-impaired designated driver in our holiday plans, we can help ensure a joyous season for everyone.”

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             Alcohol impacts your judgement even after just one drink. And while you may think you are okay to drive after one or two, or even more, it is never okay to take the risk. Each year the lives of Nebraska families are changed forever by impaired drivers who made the choice to get behind the wheel because they thought they were okay to drive.

             Join with MADD today, make the choice to plan ahead for your safe ride home and help to create a future with No More Victims.

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