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Fatalities in a passenger vehicle were unbuckled in the car crash.


of fatal motor vehicle crashes, in Nebraska, involve an impaired driver.

drivers, in Nebraska, were involved in a distracted driving crash (5 year average)


Nebraska drivers wear their seatbelts when driving.

Who We Are

The Drive Smart Nebraska Coalition is dedicated to eliminating injuries and deaths on our Nebraska roads.

Through our collective efforts, public and private, we promote and carry out road safety activities and policies in our communities and across the state.

What We Do

We work to implement evidence-based programs and policies to reduce the number of motor vehicle related traffic deaths and injuries.

Our vision is that all drivers, all ages, are safe on Nebraska roadways. We share our resources to support traffic safety education and information across the state.

How to Help

Drive Smart Nebraska compiles safety resources for use by the general public. Please view our library of resources that can be shared at any time. We partner with community organizations to help further the message of highway safety. Our goal is to reduce the number of traffic crashes.

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